Many people suffer from depression which can be linked with emotionally painful situations where the weight is just too much to bear. Periods of depression can be short-lived for some and longer for others. If a person suffers from depression which lasts two weeks or more and every day they experience severe symptoms, this is considered suffering with clinical depression.

Clinical depression limits a person’s ability to cope with daily obligations and stresses. It often undermines the ability to function effectively in everyday life, both in family and work-related responsibilities and activities.

Disability Benefits For Depression

Depression is one of the most common medical conditions listed on Social Security Disability applications. Depression is a significant mood disorder, and in some cases it can interfere with a person’s ability to work properly, which can harm their financial freedom.

While there are Social Security disability benefits provided to offer financial assistance to people with depression, not everyone with depression may qualify for disability benefits. Continue reading to learn more about qualifying and applying for disability benefits if you or your loved one is unable to work due to depression.

Disability Benefits for Depression

In order to qualify for disability benefits for depression, an individual must meet specific disability criteria mentioned in the Social Security impairment listing manual.

First, an individual with depression must show proof of severe depression. They should have at least five of the following symptoms:

  • sleep disturbance such as oversleeping or insomnia
  • depressed mood
  • fleeting interest in almost all activities
  • appetite disturbance (overeating or poor appetite) and a change in weight
  • difficulty thinking or concentrating
  • slow physical movement or increased physical agitation
  • feelings of guilt and/or worthlessness
  • experiencing suicidal thoughts

In addition to having the above symptoms, an individual must also show proof of:

  • inability to work for at least 12 months
  • paying Social Security for the last five years through salary deduction

An individual must also show that their depression has caused difficulty or restrictions in at least two of the following areas:

  • social functioning
  • daily living activities
  • ability to maintain concentration, pace, or persistence

Depression Disability Case Management

If you or a loved one are disabled due to clinical depression, which has prevented daily tasks and going to work, you may be entitled to disability benefits. Working closely with experienced Social Security disability lawyers and medical professionals to apply, gather and present all necessary documentation can help ensure you have the best possible chance to acquire your depression disability benefits.

If you have depression that’s making it impossible for you to work, consider hiring an experienced disability lawyer with Foley Law Offices, PLLC to help you file your disability benefits claim, or to file an appeal if your initial claim has been denied. Our legal professionals are experienced and skilled at using different strategies to help you win a claim for disability. Feel free to reach us for any information about disability benefits for depression and what we can do to help.