In just a few seconds an accident or injury can change your life. Whether it was a semi-truck crossing the center line, or doctor’s medical mistake medical costs and loss of income can destroy everything you have spent your life working toward. When something like this happens to you don’t rely on an insurance company to do the right thing our of the goodness of their heart. Insurance companies make money by denying claims, not paying them, when you get in an accident call the best accident attorneys in Michigan to  make sure that you and your family receive the benefits you need.

Personal injury cases can include Auto Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Construction Site Injuries, Dog Bites, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Claims, Slip and Fall Accidents, and Wrongful Death.

Our Results

  • Trucking Accident – $3.3 Million against Grand Rapids Trucking Company
  • Crane Accident – $2.0 Million against national crane manufacturer
  • Medical Malpractice – $900,000 against a Detroit hospital
  • Auto Accident – $750,000 low impact auto accident
  • Dog Bite – $165,000 payout for a 9 year-old girl bitten
  • Slip & Fall – $150,000 for visiting executive’s fractured ankle
  • Bus-Pedestrian accident – $435,000 for family of woman hit by a city bus. Two Detroit firms previously rejected the case.
  • Motorcycle Accident – $450,000 for family of 25 year-old killed in motorcycle accident
  • Workers Compensation – $190,000 for worker with a serious thumb injury

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