An auto accident can strike at any time on the road. After an accident it is easy to feel lost and helpless. You don’t have to do it on your own.

The insurance industry’s own research shows that when an accident victim is represented by an attorney, on average the insurance company has to pay out three and a half times the amount to settle the claim.

What are you entitled to after an auto accident in Michigan?

Under Michigan No-Fault Law, you may be entitled to important benefits from your own insurance company regardless of fault if you are involved in an accident involving a motor vehicle. These benefits include:

  1. Wage loss benefits for up to three (3) years;
  2. Unlimited medical expenses;
  3. Replacement expenses paid to persons who perform household chores on your behalf;
  4. Survivors benefits;
  5. Transportation expenses to and from medical providers (including family members);
  6. Attendant care for seriously injured.

There are certain time limits that must be followed in order to preserve your rights to these benefits. Do not expect your insurance company to keep you informed of these deadlines. To preserve your rights, it is necessary that you contact an experienced attorney.

You may be able to bring a law suit against a third party. Commonly, such actions are brought against owners and drivers of motor vehicles, governmental entities for defective highways and automobile manufacturers for defective vehicles.

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