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How a Local Business Lawyer Can Help Your LLC

Though it’s not required in all states, if you’re thinking about starting a limited liability company (LLC), hiring a business lawyer can be beneficial in providing peace of mind and protection from personal liability. There are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to hire a business lawyer. The first is the [...]

How a Local Business Lawyer Can Help Your LLC2022-06-07T10:33:06+00:00

Estate Planning by Yourself is a Bad Idea

Oftentimes, persons underestimate the value of an experienced team of professionals and take on the task of handling estate planning on their own. The multitude of complex legal issues involved in such an undertaking deem it a matter best left to an expert. Here are some of the top reasons why estate planning yourself is [...]

Estate Planning by Yourself is a Bad Idea2022-05-03T18:17:11+00:00

Common Estate Planning Miscalculations

Estate planning is a highly avoided process that everyone should go through, but also one that can be fraught with paperwork, tax laws, litigation, and without the right guidance, mistakes. Here are some of the most common things people miscalculate the importance and significance of when considering estate planning: 1. Not Having a Will The [...]

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How to Choose the Best Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning isn’t only about money, it involves other important aspects such as the division of assets and care of dependents. Estate planning is an opportunity to make sure final wishes are carried out according to your will. This is why it is important to hire an estate planning lawyer that you trust to help [...]

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