As you start to search for a Michigan justice law firm to provide you with the best in services for your court case, consider local legal professionals and their areas of expertise in relation to your needs. Like any contractor that you would choose to work with for your business, hiring a lawyer without doing a bit of research is not advisable. Here are some of the top things that you should consider before hiring a lawyer to work with you and your legal case.


Most lawyers specialize in a certain area of law, and if they are very familiar with the subject matter of your case, then it is quite likely that they’ll be able to get through the case much faster. Some of Michigan’s top lawyers can help out with a wide range of law including: employment claims, accident or injury, bankruptcy, civil rights law, criminal law, and more.


If a lawyer has online reviews from positive client testimonials, it’s more than likely that they are regarded in that area of expertise. Hiring someone with knowledge and insight specific to your case will be extremely beneficial. Seek referrals online to find a lawyer with excellent reviews, so you can make sure that the legal case you are fighting is handled by a true professional. You could also consider word-of-mouth and ask your friends or family members for recommendations.


Look for a lawyer who is transparent with you and able to answer your questions quickly and carefully. The best lawyer’s will provide you with excellence in communication, they will often deliver a more enjoyable experience and help to put your mind at ease throughout the case.

Years of Experience

Legal teams that have years of experience can often bring more to the table for your legal fees. Lawyers with experience can help you stretch your budget further, because they will be able to give you years of insight and value regarding your case. These lawyers will be able to better assist you throughout the stages of your case due to their prior experience from years of practicing law.

Consider some of these top considerations when you are seeking help from a legal professional. If you are looking for trusted attorneys in Livonia, Westland, Novi, or Northville, contact Foley Law today.