A probate attorney will handle the legalities of handing out assets of a deceased person to his/her heir or heirs. The probate attorney will also assist in settling outstanding debts.

While probate is quite a complex and overwhelming process of its own, most people are intimidated by the idea of hiring a probate lawyer to help them through the process. Generally, probate lawyers have two options for billing clients: hourly fee and flat rate.

Hourly Billing

Most often, probate lawyers will charge clients for services by the hour. This means your probate attorney in Livonia, MI will bill you depending on the duration of time he/she works for you. This allows the attorney to work efficiently and charge based on the complexity of the case, while also incentivizing beneficiaries to solve disputes without litigation.

The rate per hour can vary significantly depending on factors like the level of expertise of the attorney, where the case gets filed, the complexity of the case, and the size of the law firm. Less experienced attorneys from smaller firms can charge around $150 – $250 per hour on average. High-level attorneys from large firms can charge upwards of $400 per hour for the same case. Generally, the best bet is an experienced lawyer at a small firm whose fees will be somewhere in the middle.

Flat Fee

Less commonly, flat fees are another option with probate attorneys. Flat fees are a much simpler option than hourly. In addition, it removes the headache of running up the bill every time you have questions or concerns. Lawyers will generally only choose a flat fee for specific issues with small estates.

However, the amount of flat fee can sometimes exceed an hourly fee for the same case. On average, you can expect to be charged around $3,000 to $4,000 per case. Most times attorneys may not include appraiser’s fees or court filing costs in their flat fees. So, before deciding, it’s important to clarify what the flat fee covers and what it does not.

Save Time and Money

The probate process can seem overwhelming, time-consuming, and costly. While you must pay fees to the probate court and executor of the estate, if any conflicts arise among the beneficiaries or during transferring of an asset, you may have to go through a legal process.

As a result, you will end up spending more on legal fees and court fees. An experienced probate attorney in Livonia, MI can help you avoid such a situation and take you through the probate process faster and more efficiently. In case of any disputes among the beneficiaries or the family members, your attorney at Foley Law Offices can help you reach an agreement that everyone is happy with. We can help you through the probate process smoothly and easily by providing the right guidance. If you need help from a probate attorney in Livonia, MI, contact us at Foley Law Offices today.