When a company is sharing information with a counterparty that isn’t in the public domain. It sometimes can be sensible and it’s best to enter into a confidentiality agreement. So what is a confidentiality agreement?

A confidential agreement, or non-disclosure agreement, is an agreement between two parties to keep specified information confidential for a set period of time.

How is it violated?

Entering into a partnership with another firm and sharing information is quite sensible, but what happens when the counterparty discloses confidential information belonging to the company or business. Sometimes if it’s a minor disclosure that hasn’t caused damage to your company it may be simply resolved between the parties privately. However, more serious breaches could cause irreparable damage to your company. 

When a violation of agreement occurs, it’s important that you follow the following steps.


When a confidential agreement is violated, the first thing to do is learn about the information that has been violated. Next, review the confidentiality agreement and make sure that the incident meets the conditions of a breach that is laid out in the confidentiality agreement.

Investigate thoroughly

It is not enough just to assume your counter parties have violated an agreement. You need to have solid evidence that this situation has occurred. One needs to find out where this information was released and what effect was done to your business when it was released.

Hire a lawyer 

If the breach of the agreement has made a significant effect on your business, it is time to hire a lawyer. If the case is severe, you can take legal action for the breach of contract. Your lawyer will help you determine if it’s worth your time and effort. You’ll want to discuss your situation with your lawyer and determine the best option for your organization.

No legal document can fully protect you from a dishonest and imperfect partner. Using a confidentiality agreement is an effective way to ensure confidential information is protected.

If you suspect a breach of contract, you want to make sure that you deal with it legally. Meet the team at Foley Law Office to tackle your problems. We are prepared to help you and give you the justice you deserve.