When you hear the phone ring and you pick it up and you hear an aggressive debt collector. It’s one of the most unpleasant feelings that could ruin your entire day. What can be more upsetting, is knowing that you are being sued.

Hundreds of people have become prey to these debt collectors and many are targeted.

Being sued can wreck one’s life financially. However, with the right team, you can tackle this situation and defend yourself from the debt collectors. Hiring a good lawyer can help improve or win your case. Here are some important steps that you can take if you are being sued by a debt collector.


  1. Respond to the Lawsuit


The first and foremost thing to do is to respond to the claims. It is not an easy task to get the job done regarding the lawsuit. When you fail to respond to the lawsuit, it will give the debt collector an upper hand on the case and make a default judgment against you.

  1. Investigate

The next thing you can do is investigate and gather all the necessary information in regards to the claims. Start by noting down the dates when you missed your payments and the details about the original debt. 

  1. File a Petition of Bankruptcy 

If you can’t pay back the debt and are experiencing other financial issues, you can file a petition letter of bankruptcy. When you do this, an automatic stay will be put in place. As a result, the debt collection activities will be held or cease while bankruptcy is being handled.

If you’re having a problem and finding yourself slipping slowly to the debt claims pit? Call the experienced team at Foley Law Offices. We are prepared to fight for you through your entire case.