Control & Protect Your Legacy, Foley Law Offices Can Help  

No one knows for sure how or when a person will pass away, but with proper planning, there’s one thing you can have complete control over, and that is determining what happens to your assets after you die. Why leave this decision in the hands of the local courts and risk your asset management being taken over by someone you never intended? Filing your absolute will and wishes in a legal document with the courts helps to ensure your assets end up in the hands of those that matter most to you. 

Our Livonia law office specializes in estate planning legal services and the probate process. Whether you need to create a will, a trust, or need a probate attorney near you, we are one of the best law firms in Michigan to help you and your loved ones. Our estate planning attorneys have been serving across Metro Detroit for decades, offering competent, custom, and cost-effective estate planning and professional probate service to our clients.


Proper Estate Planning Service 

Creating a legitimate estate plan is a wise choice for many reasons. Doing so can provide a profound sense of relief, knowing that your loved ones are protected from the cost, stress, and pain of the probate process and that your asset management is going to the right people. Our estate planning attorney in Livonia makes the probate estate process easy, efficient, and affordable.

Estate Planning Services Include:

  • Assisting in drafting/registering Wills, and reviewing/suggesting adjustments
  • Establishing Trusts
  • Optimizing transferring of assets between spouses
  • Assisting in drafting the Family Governance structure
  • Power of Attorney applications
  • Guidance through personal asset protection 

With careful drafting and review, our estate planning lawyer in Southeastern Michigan can help ensure your asset values are maximized and protected. 


Flexible Probate Service

The probate process is long, complicated, and cumbersome. Suffering the loss of a loved one is tough enough and going through probate can make things a nightmare for families. Our probate lawyer in Livonia, MI can help you alleviate the stress of probate by assisting in the following areas:

  • Collecting, preparing, and authenticating required probate documents pertaining to the assets and liabilities of the deceased
  • Consultations to discuss the overview and prepare for the qualification meeting
  • Ensuring all relevant tax reliefs are identified and applied for
  • Preparing estate accounts
  • Distributing the assets of the estate to the beneficiaries
  • Navigating inheritance tax (IHT)
  • Settling any debts and addressing taxation issues of the deceased

When you need a lawyer for probate in the Detroit area, our Livonia law office is experienced in probate litigation and can help you get peace of mind by assuring your wealth is protected during the ruling process.


Trusted Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys in Southwest Oakland County

Estate planning and probate litigation are complex and intense processes that many Michigan lawyers try to avoid.  Our experienced litigation team is ready to help you navigate your way through estate planning in the State of Michigan, which is the best way to avoid probate in the first place. However, should you find yourself in need of a probate attorney near Livonia, MI, we’re your go-to attorney.

To find out more about Estate Planning and Probate services in Southeastern MI, or to set up a free case evaluation, call us at (734) 462-7500.