Mishaps can occur to anyone, anywhere, at any time in a person’s life. These unfortunate events can leave a person with what is considered to be a disability, preventing one from working and earning a living and providing for their family. Foley Law Offices, disability attorneys of Michigan, assist individuals with a legitimate temporary or permanent disability claim financial assistance under social security laws.


Social Security Disability Benefits in Michigan

Social Security Disability (SSD) is a government program designed to provide financial benefits to a person with what conditions are considered to be a disability, often referred to as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Social Security Disability in Michigan pays benefits to people with disabilities and qualifying members of their families. To claim these benefits a person must be “insured,” meaning that he/she has worked long enough and has regularly paid social security taxes. 


It’s imperative that all Social Security Disability appeals in our state be handled carefully and meticulously by a Social Security Disability Michigan Lawyer. All necessary documents must be gathered and filed in compliance with strict deadlines, which is why a legal consultation with a knowledgeable professional is advised. Our Social Security Lawyers in Michigan know what evidence to collect, what details to provide to the Social Security Administration (SSA), and how to best navigate the process. 


Getting Your Social Security Disability Benefits


Nearly 60 percent of SSDI adult applications are denied the first time they are filed. However, an initial denial of Social Security benefits does not mean the pursuit is over. An applicant can file an appeal again within 60 days. Most applicants seek the help of Michigan Disability Lawyers to help them during this crucial stage. 


What We Do 

For each claimant, we’ll help:


  • Educate you what conditions automatically qualify you for disability
  • Prepare you for disability interviews and hearings
  • Collect indispensable evidence, both medical and vocational
  • Monitor deadlines in an effort to avoid costly errors and delays
  • Submit your application and any supplementary appeals with all supporting documents to the authorities on time
  • Communicate with the Michigan Social Security Administration
  • Cross-examine expert witnesses, and present witness testimony and documentation to the court in a way that supports your claim
  • In the case that all administrative Social Security Disability appeals have been exhausted despite meeting all of the Social Security disability requirements for adults, our disability attorneys of Michigan can appeal your case in the Federal court
  • Remain available for consultation and to help navigate you through the process


Foley Law Offices are known and esteemed for excellent communication with the Social Security Administration. Our Michigan Disability Lawyers can help you get the financial relief and benefits that you deserve, and if and how you can get disability faster. 


Talk to Reliable Social Security Lawyers in Michigan Today

At Foley Law Offices, our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in representing clients in the Social Security application and appeals processes. They’ll listen with compassion to your needs and situation and determine the best steps to take to get the most a person can get on disability.


Armed with the expertise, knowledge, and resources required to recover disability benefits for you, our Michigan Disability Lawyers have helped more than the national average win claims that were initially denied. This statistic proves just how hard our staff is willing to work for you in recovering your social security disability benefits.


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