If you plan to have your assets transferred securely to surviving loved ones after you pass away, then you should definitely consider establishing a good estate plan. An established estate plan helps to ensure that your wishes and needs are met when you are unable to speak for yourself.

Remember, estate planning is not only for people of wealth. Even if you don’t have a large IRA, large home, or valuable art to pass on, without a proper estate plan in place, sorting your affairs after you pass on can have a costly and lasting impact on your loved ones. Hence, creating a good estate plan becomes crucial in protecting your assets and your loved ones.

Protect Your Assets

An estate plan is a collection of important documents, which will act as a safety net to preserve your valuable assets, reduce wait times for disbursement, and ensure wishes are carried out.

You Get A Say

When creating your estate plan, you will be stating how your assets should be distributed or handed over. You can name who will be your beneficiaries and an executor to carry out your wishes. 

Helps Eliminate Drama

Preventing fights between siblings and family members is yet another reason why you need an estate plan. An estate plan allows you to choose who you want to take care of your assets and finances if you become mentally incapable or after you pass. This will help prevent potential strife and ensure your finances and assets are handled to your preference.

If you want to make sure both your loved ones and your most special possessions are protected even when you are no longer able to protect them, having a solid estate plan in place will do that job. Take your time to talk with our financial professionals here at Foley Law Offices. We can help you better understand the importance of estate planning and help you develop an estate plan to best suit your needs.