Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applications take time to be processed. When they are finally decided, they can be denied for various reasons. If you are located in Michigan, the SSDI lawyers at Foley Law Offices, PLLC can help you understand and overcome the reasons so you get your benefits as quickly as possible

Annually, the Social Security Administration (SSA) receives thousands of applications for disability benefits. Because of the large number of applications filed, it takes a long time for the SSA to review and process each application. Generally, it takes between three and six months. However, it can take longer than that for your application to be reviewed, processed, decided, and then for you to receive your claim. 

Following are some common causes that may delay social security disability claims.

Lack of Documentation to Support Claims

When applying for SSDI claims, it is crucial to ensure that you submit all relevant medical details. Medical documentation such as treatments, medications, hospitalizations, diagnostic and laboratory tests, treatment notes, and physician notes are important documents to support your disability. In most cases, the disability examiner requests medical records from physicians.

Medical Statement

Documents like physician statements and diagnostic images and tests help verify the existence of the disability. This information will help convey how your disability affects and prevents you from performing daily activities and other essential tasks to carry out daily job functions. Without a proper medical statement, the SSA physician and disability examiner will have to collaborate to arrange a consultative exam to determine your limitations, which can take time.


The SSDI benefits application process will start your interview at the local social security field office. During this, the disability examiner will review your financial and personal information in order to check whether you are eligible or not. When you supply incomplete information to the disability examiner, it will cause significant delays, because the disability examiner will spend time obtaining it. To avoid delay, ensure to carry all of the necessary information to the interview, including salary slips, employment history, medical history, and family information.

SSDI Lawyers in Michigan to Help You 

If you want to improve your chance of obtaining SSDI benefits or want to learn the application process in Michigan, contact the experienced SSDI lawyers at Foley Law Offices, PLLC.