We Are Here to Help You Get the Disability Benefits You Need

Mishaps can occur to anyone, anywhere, at any time in a person's life. These unfortunate events can leave a person with what is considered to be a disability, preventing one from working and earning a living and providing for their family. Foley Law Offices, disability attorneys of Michigan, assist individuals with a legitimate temporary or [...]

We Are Here to Help You Get the Disability Benefits You Need2022-09-16T12:47:00+00:00

5 ways bankruptcy can help you get debt relief

Are you being harassed by bill collectors? Are your wages being garnished? Is your home facing foreclosure? These are all stressful situations that can be eased through bankruptcy protection. Nobody sets a goal of going bankrupt. But in some cases filing for bankruptcy is a wise way to get financial relief and a fresh start. [...]

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What to do after getting in a car accident

Based on the odds, you’re likely to be in 3,272,655 injury-related auto accidents before you ever win a Powerball jackpot. That means the chances of winning the lottery are super slim. But it also shows that injuries from car crashes are fairly common. In fact, even if you’ve never won any money, consider yourself lucky [...]

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What is the Catastrophic Claims Fund and Why Does Everyone Want It?

The answer to my second question is easy: Money. Most people don’t even notice, but part of their auto insurance premium every year is a payment to Michigan Catastrophic Claims fund, or Cat Fund for short. This publicly financed fund was established in 1978 as part of the Michigan No-Fault insurance system. Since them the [...]

What is the Catastrophic Claims Fund and Why Does Everyone Want It?2015-07-20T14:15:17+00:00

D Insurance, Know What You Are Getting

One of the Big stories in Lansing over the last few weeks has been Mayor Duggan's plan to cut auto insurance affordable for residents of The City of Detroit. I live in Detroit and I know first-hand the high cost of auto insurance in the city, but what benefits will residents be giving up in [...]

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The Injury You Cant See

Every year more than 2 million brain injuries, also known as closed head injuries, occur in the United States. These injuries can have serious negative impacts on learning , cognition and quality of life. The scary fact is that a person does not have to actually their head to sustain a brain injury. Being violently [...]

The Injury You Cant See2015-07-01T17:17:42+00:00

Auto Accident: No-Fault Insurance

Under Michigan's no-fault system insurance coverage following an automobile accident comes from two places. First-party, or PIP benefits come from your own insurance carrier and basically cover what can be referred to as economic losses; lost wages, medical care, household services, etc. Third-party benefits are paid by the insurer of the at-fault driver (yes, contrary to [...]

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Is L3C an option for your business

L3C, short for Low Profit Limited Liability Company is a relatively new business entity allowed in Michigan designed as a hybrid between traditional For-profit limited liability entities and  non-profit corporations. As with a non-profit, an L3C must be formed in furtherance of some charitable or educational purpose. However, as with a for-profit entity, an L3C may have equity [...]

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